Bugatti Belt Buckle Looks Even Better on Video

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And no, it doesn't shoot lasers to cut ropes!

We recently ran a story about a $84,000 Caliber R22 MK 1.22 mm "Bugatti Edition" belt buckle. We were so curious about this piece that we decided to run a poll to see what the reader's reaction would be to such an item. 7% felt that the quality warrants the price, while 51% voted it a waste of hard earned cash. 30% could understand the value in such a buckle but would prefer a sports car of equal price and 12% felt this was ass-wiping money for rich folks.

Since 2011 only 22 buckles have been offered and all have found buyers. Roland Iten, the producer of the buckle has committed to another 22 examples which will take 10 months to complete. For a closer look at his work, Iten has a promo video of the buckle in all its swanky action.

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