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Bugatti Changes Course Again, The Galibier Is Dead

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Expected or not, the cancellation of the project still stings a bit.

A lot of us had a nagging feeling that this day would come. After years of hemming and hawing, delays and speculation, Bugatti has officially announced that it will not be building the Galibier sedan after all. The concept, first unveiled in 2009, excited fans and press alike. Essentially a four-door Veyron, the luxury hyper sedan would have been unlike anything else in the world. But Bugatti was reluctant about saying it would actually get built.

Even once it was decided that the French automaker would actually build the car, the original late-2012 projected debut was eventually changed to sometime in 2015. But Bugatti now has the replacement for the Veyron to consider, and a new CEO, Wolfgang Schreiber, to consider how best to allocate the company's resources. It seems Schreiber doesn't think the Galibier is worth the effort, and that Bugatti would be better off staying on top of the world of out-and-out hypercars. It had always seemed like a stretch, but we had really hoped that Bugatti would really build the car.

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