Bugatti Chiron Aims To Destroy The Competition At Goodwood FOS

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Assuming the British weather doesn't beat Bugatti to it.

Since its unveiling at the Geneva Motor Show earlier this year, the Chiron hasn't really made that many rounds in the motoring sphere. Bar some Nurburgring laps and appearances at lower key events, the Chiron has mostly been seldom seen outside of Bugatti's headquarters in Molseim, France. All that is set to change as of next week, however - in an unsurprising move, considering this year's theme revolves around full throttle power, the 2016 Goodwood Festival of Speed will be graced with the presence of Bugatti's latest hypercar.

The 1,500-hp speed machine won't be confined to the Michelin-sponsored Supercar Paddock, however. Not only will Bugatti be sending the W16-propelled supercar up the 1.16-mile hill climb over all four days, but the Chiron is also going to be entered into the official Supercar Run time trial event; racing against the clock in a bid to be crowned the fastest road car up the famous route. That is, on the assumption that Bugatti won't be sandbagging - Porsche, Ferrari and McLaren have never set truly representative times up the hill in the 918, LaFerrari and P1 respectively for obvious 'saving of face' reasons, and we'd be amazed if Bugatti allows whoever's driving the Chiron at Goodwood to properly stretch the car's legs.

Still, we can't complain too much. We're still some way off from seeing the Chiron grace the 'First Drive' road test sections of motoring magazines and websites the world over, so it's pleasant to know the car will be making its dynamic debut in the UK in just under a week's time. Hopefully we can wriggle our way into the passenger seat during one of the Bugatti's runs past Goodwood House.

Courtesy of Bugatti

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