Bugatti Chiron Divo Will Be Even Quicker, Pricier, More Exclusive


Look for its grand debut at Pebble Beach.

Ever since Bugatti rolled out the new Chiron, we've wondered what a future Super Sport version could do. And we've yet to see one, but the Alsatian automaker keeps getting closer – and is now said to be getting closer still. According to The Supercar Blog, the exotic car manufacturer has been showing a new variant called the Chiron Divo to select customers. And while details remain sketchy at best, the rumors paint a picture of a hypercar even more hardcore than the Chiron Sport (pictured).

The Sport model, as you may recall, was revealed at the Geneva Motor Show a few months ago with the same engine as the standard model but 40 fewer pounds to motivate and a stiffer suspension to make it more of a driving tool than the more touring-oriented Chiron. Taking the idea even further, the Divo is tipped to be lighter still, with a transmission closer to those used on race cars. It's also expected to have more downforce, which will reduce the multi-million-dollar hypercar's blinding top speed. But quicker acceleration ought to make it feel even faster. As it is, the Chiron Sport will rocket from a standstill to 62 miles per hour in just two and a half seconds.

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The name, in case your wondering, isn't just a male version of “diva.” Like (Pierre) Veyron and (Louis) Chiron, it belonged to one of Bugatti's early racing drivers – in this case one Albert Divo. Word has it that Bugatti will only make 100 examples of the Chiron Divo, all of which have reportedly already been spoken for – despite a price tag rumored to hover around €5 million (nearly $6 million), or roughly double the price of the Chiron Sport. For that kinda scrap, we'd expect more enhancements than what we've heard so far. But we should find out soon: sources anticipate the Divo will be revealed to the public for the first time at Pebble Beach next month, with deliveries to commence by 2020.