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Bugatti Chiron One Of Ten Exotics Mansory Ruined For Geneva

Mansory / 29 Comments

They're just as hideous as you'd expect.

Mansory has developed a reputation for customizing the most high-end vehicles on the market... and making them uglier – much uglier – in the process. And in that regard, it hasn't left us disappointed at the Geneva Motor Show this year.

The German tuner brought out no fewer than ten "enhanced" sets of exotic wheels for this year's European expo – not the least of which is the Centuria. Mansory festooned the Bugatti Chiron with more intakes, aero components, visible carbon fiber, and its own "unique" set of wheels... all to rather horrid effect.

Mansory has also managed to make the Lamborghini Urus even more... shall we say, "aggressive-looking" than stock. By those standards, the "Carbonado" Aventador Roadster looks rather tasteful in comparison (as extroverted as it appears).

If we had to pick the least visually offensive of them, it'd probably be the yellow Lotus Evora. The tuner also clearly mustered as much restraint as it could with its pair of Smart Fortwos. As far as Mansory jobs go, the black and blue Range Rover looks relatively tame. And the "Billionaire" Rolls-Royce Cullinan is arguably more gaudy inside than it is hideous on the outside.

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The matte-camo "Star Trooper" Mercedes-AMG G63, designed by Philipp Plein with 850 horsepower, is at least interesting to look at – as is the pale blue Bentley Continental GT. But the turquoise Mercedes S-Class Cabrio is more along the lines of what we'd expect from Mansory – which is, suffice it to say, not easy on the eyes. In fact we're almost sorry to subject you to any of these rolling monstrosities. But then we suppose Geneva wouldn't be Geneva without 'em. So we'll be looking out for the same tuner's booth next year. (It shouldn't be hard to spot.)