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Bugatti Chiron Gets A New Sky View Glass Roof Option

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A roadster it is not, but it does let the sunshine into the Chiron's exquisite cabin.

Bugatti is slated to unveil the Divo at Pebble Beach next month, applying new bodywork and a more handling-focused demeanor to the Chiron. But that apparently isn't all it has in store for this year's festivities in Monterey.

Along with it, the Alsatian marque has revealed the new Sky View – a glass roof panel for the existing Chiron. It's not a Grand Sport or Vitesse roadster like the previous Veyron offered, but it comes a lot closer than the solid roof that's featured until now.

Bugatti's Sky View roof consists of two fixed glass panels, each measuring 65 x 44 centimeters (or about 2 x 1 1/2 feet). They're said to be made of a "newly developed laminated structure" with four layers sandwiched by thin glazing. And they not only let the sunshine in, but offer more than an inch (2.7 cm) of added headroom for both the driver and passenger as well.

The glass is fabricated to filter out harmful ultraviolet radiation and keep out the heat, and tinted to protect the occupants' privacy. (The Chiron does, after all, sit a lot closer to the ground than most cars on the road or pedestrians on the sidewalk.)

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By using two smaller glass panels within a fixed roof structure (instead of one solid glass roof), Bugatti says it has been able to retain the standard Chiron's structural integrity as well. Interested buyers can specify the option now at an undisclosed (but likely irrelevant) added cost. And as mentioned above, it will showcase a Chiron so equipped at Pebble Beach at the end of August, where we can also expect the new Divo to be unveiled.