Bugatti Chiron-Sport Could Debut At Geneva Tomorrow

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What is Bugatti cooking up? We'll find out tomorrow at Geneva.

Before the 2018 Geneva Motor Show's doors open to media this week, we've already been able to suss out what to expect from most manufacturers in attendance. Bugatti, however, is an exception. The French purveyor of world-record speed has remained silent about its Geneva Motor Show plans-until now. Yesterday, the manufacturer released a mysterious, 16-second long video on Facebook that teased a surprise Tuesday reveal and claimed the car will further shape the segment.

It could simply be a special edition Chiron with a unique exterior and interior, but the car featured in the brief shots has four separate exhaust pipes instead of the two used by the current model. The video focuses on the car's retractable rear spoiler and engine bay, hinting at improved aerodynamics and possibly more power. This suggests Bugatti may have cooked up a hotter version of the Chiron, packing an upgraded version of its W16 engine. Tellingly, a new menu section on the official Bugatti website lists "Chiron-Sport" as a separate model, so this is likely the new model's moniker. (Clicking the link results in a page error, however.)

The Veyron Super Sport cranked out 200 additional horsepower over the standard Veyron, so we would expect the Chiron-Sport to pack around 1,800 ponies. This would allow Bugatti to fight back against Koenigsegg and Hennessey to possibly break the 300 mph barrier. We already know Bugatti is planning to attempt a new top-speed record in the Chiron this year, so it would make sense for the automaker to reveal a more powerful version of the hypercar and reclaim the record stolen from it by the Koenigsegg Agera RS last year. Fortunately, we won't have to wait long to find out exactly what it will be.


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