Bugatti Chiron's Unique Feature Isn't Going Anywhere

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16 cylinders is what makes it a future collectible.

The Volkswagen Group 8.0 WR16 has been used in Bugatti products since the original Veyron debuted back in 2005. It displaces 8.0 liters with 16 cylinders arranged in four banks in a W configuration supplemented by four turbochargers. The W16 originally produced 987 horsepower in the Veyron but now produces 1,578 hp in the Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+, the car that broke the 300 mph barrier.

But lately, there has been some chatter about Bugatti releasing a second, more practical model. This new model would likely ditch the gasoline engine for electric power. Fans of the Chiron and its monstrous engine may not be happy to hear rumors of an electric Bugatti but according to CEO Stephan Winkelmann, the W16 isn't going anywhere. In fact, it could be around for another decade.

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Speaking to Autocar, Winkelmann said, "The W16 has, in my opinion, an opportunity for the future. It's a USP which is not diminishing in value." He also explained that Volkswagen Group boss Herbert Diess "knows the value of a W16 engine" and that the "mission for a Bugatti is a different one" from the group's other brands.

Commenting on future collectibility, Winkelmann believes Bugatti's W16 will be a valuable item in the future. "If it lasts another decade, ICE will be the last of a kind, and the last of a kind means it is collectible," he explained. "If there is hybridization, the battery will be replaced but it won't be original. The internal combustion engine is something that will grow in value. People are buying Bugattis because they want to enjoy the ultimate performance but also - and this is legitimate - because it's an investment."

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We only need to look at previous Bugatti models to predict the Chiron's value. "The EB110 is skyrocketing. And Veyrons are going up. I don't have to be a wizard to forecast that this will happen to the Chiron and therefore, I'm committing to the fact that this is the way to go for the hyper sportscar in the next decade," Winkelmann promised. We've seen older Ferrari and Porsche cars skyrocket in value beyond reason, so we do think there is truth to Winkelmann's words here.

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Source Credits: Autocar

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