Bugatti Confirms Plans For A New Model And It May Just Be The Galibier


All we can do is stand on the sideline chanting, "do it!"

Wolfgang Durheimer is a man with a lot of responsibility on his hands. As the CEO of Bugatti, he is now being tasked with bringing a second Bugatti model to fruition to sell alongside the extremely expensive and ultra-rare Chiron. Just a few months ago, the viability of the Chiron was being questioned as Bugatti’s parent company Volkswagen was facing imminent budget cuts following its diesel fudge-up. Now it seems that Bugatti wants to build more cars in order to gain financial independence from VW, and this is an idea that we can get behind.

Durheimer didn’t divulge much to automotive news source Drive, but he did mention that the company is currently considering four different models. One of them is the Galibier concept, the four-door Bugatti that would bring the company’s signature recipe of comical horsepower figures, Millennium Falcon top speed, and the ability to seat three lucky passengers and one wealthy driver in comfort. Not long ago we proposed that Bugatti build the car simply as a testament to what mankind could do, and now it lies among three other Bugatti possibilities. Nothing else was mentioned about the other three cars, but VW sources who mingle at the Bugatti gossip table have mentioned that they may have some information on what these cars could be.

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One possibility is an SUV that would rival the Rolls-Royce Cullinan. Next is an EV luxury car, and last is a smaller entry-level car to slot under the Chiron. We loathe the idea of electric motors taking the place of the beautiful 8.0-liter quad-turbo W16 engine and the thought of an SUV Bugatti alone should be considered an abomination, but we don’t exactly hate the idea of a baby Chiron. Strategically, it makes sense for Bugatti to swim down market and try to snatch up a bit more cash, but as gearheads and not businessmen, we think with our hearts and remain firm behind our nod towards the Galibier. It doesn’t matter if we’ll never see it, after all most of us will never walk on the moon. However it’s cool to know that humanity is capable of such feats.