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Bugatti Customer Service Includes On-Call Doctor And F1 Diagnostics

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This is the type of service you’d expect from a five star hotel.

When a customer is willing to shell out several million dollars on a car, it is expected that the ownership experience is going to be as special as the vehicle. The Bugatti Chiron has a price tag of over $3 million, which is an outrageous sum of money to spend on a car. That is until you hear about the level of service a Chiron owner receives. The Veyron famously had massively expensive maintenance costs, so Bugatti established a round-the-clock maintenance program complete with 'flying doctors' who travel directly to customers' homes.

Bugatti has three 'flying doctors' who are responsible for customers in the regions of Europe/Russia, the Middle East and Asia/Pacific, and North America. These doctors are also supported by 34 Bugatti dealerships around the world. Not to shy away from improving its service, Bugatti has found a way to make the ownership experience even better. The company is now integrating a first of its kind telemetry system to help diagnose a customer car in real-time. The system is so advanced, a service technician can call a customer to inform them that their tire pressure is no longer ideal, and should be corrected before their next drive.

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"Our customers have the most demanding requirements for individual support in all areas of their lives. That also applies to their vehicle fleets and automobile collections," says Hendrik Malinowski, Director of Sales and Operations Molsheim, Bugatti Automobiles. "In this area too, Bugatti goes one step further than other manufacturers. With our telemetry system, we can provide our customers with assistance in all technical matters related to their Bugatti. At any hour of the day and, if necessary, also of the night." The system works mainly using mobile radio and functions round-the-clock seven days per week, as long as the car is located in an area with mobile phone network.

Bugatti can keep track of 10,000 signals from all parts of a car, including engine, transmission, lights, air conditioning and infotainment system. As a new feature on the Chiron, the data is transmitted on a real-time basis - a capability that has only used previously in Formula One and DTM racing cars. If something is amiss with one of the cars, a flying doctor will receive a message on their phone. Data can be transmitted two ways, so the company can also send software updates over the air. Bugatti says all of the collected data will be highly confidential and owners using this feature have given their consent. With only a few exceptions, Bugatti customers have opted in for this incredibly personalized service.