Bugatti Debuts Vitesse Rafale in Brazil

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Bugatti presents the Veyron Vitesse for the first time in South America with this special edition.

Never mind, if you can, its otherworldly performance. Bugatti's real genius is in its marketing. Take one of its "ordinary" million-dollar supercars, give it some special trim and a unique name and presto! You've got a couple hundred thousand euros on top of the list price. It's a recipe Bugatti has repeated time and time again, and has stirred up once more at the Sao Paulo International Motor Show in Brazil. To present the Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse for the first time in South America, Bugatti came with the special Rafale edition you see here.

The special edition Vitesse is characterized by a dolphin gray paintjob with blue carbon fiber details. The theme is inversed in the open-air cockpit, which is swathed in blue leather with light gray stitching as well as blue carbon, aluminum and magnesium trim. The special touches (and the privilege of owning a Veyron that is just as unique as any other) amount to a 1.9 million euro sticker price (before taxes), compared to the 1.69 million euros you'd have to pay for a stock Vitesse that you could have finished in any combination of colors you could possibly want. (And we really do mean any color. The Bugatti catalog even includes a shade called Rape Yellow.)

Of course the 8.0-liter quad-turbo W16 engine carries over unchanged, along with its seven-speed DSG and all-wheel drivetrain, but considering the Vitesse version already produces 1,200 horsepower for a 2.6-second highway sprint and a 255mph top speed, it's not like any further modifications were needed.

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