Bugatti Definitely Didn't Expect This To Happen To Its Chiron Test Mules

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This is technically the first video of the new Bugatti driving!

We just caught sight of two Bugatti Chirons testing in the wild a few days ago. The cars were out sporting some all-black camouflage. Instagram user ericohessel was lucky enough to snap an additional side shot of the Chiron by itself and it looks damn good. Now we have this, a video from Germany's Auto Bild TV that shows a handful of Chiron mules stuck between a rock and a hard place. The rock is actually a brick wall and the hard place is a truck full of wood. The video is short and grainy and the dual camera view is a bit annoying.

Still, this is technically the first driving footage of the Chiron and it's pretty damn funny at that. Luckily for that truck driver no wood fell. We can only imagine how pissed Bugatti would be if a pricey test mule was crushed in a freak accident like that.

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