Bugatti Delivered More New Hypercars In 2022 Than Ever Before

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With 80 brand-new masterpieces delivered to their new owners, last year was the best year in Bugatti's modern history.

2022 was Bugatti's finest year to date from a delivery perspective, with no fewer than 80 new hypercars delivered to their wealthy buyers. This fits with what CEO Mate Rimac said in August: "We don't see any slowdown at the moment; quite the opposite. With Bugatti, we are sold out well into 2025. So even if the [recession] is a few years, we will come out [of it] even stronger."

In October 2022, Bugatti revealed that it had built the 400th Chiron, a Super Sport model finished in green carbon fiber. Other highlights from the year included the delivery of the final Super Sport 300+ back in July and the completion of Centodieci production, of which just 10 were made.

Bugatti Bugatti Bugatti Bugatti

The last Chiron and Chiron Sport models for Europe were also produced as special editions called Chiron L'Ebe, in honor of founder Ettore Bugatti's first daughter.

Bugatti says that this translated to more Bugattis and more variants being assembled at the facility in Molsheim "than in any of the 17 years since it was first established." And with the introduction of Bugatti's Sur Mesure program, many of these were custom creations with unique design choices that cost a fortune to carry out.

But as we mentioned earlier, it doesn't look like things are slowing down for the hyper-luxury brand.

When the W16 Mistral was officially revealed to the public in August as the final roadgoing model powered by Bugatti's W16 engine, all 99 units slated for production were already sold.

Bugatti Bugatti Bugatti Bugatti

"Like all first-class international luxury brands competing at the very top level of design and performance excellence, Bugatti encountered various challenges in 2022," said Christophe Piochon, Bugatti Automobiles president. "But with a team that's unmatched in terms of talent, passion, and dedication, Bugatti has once again met such challenges head-on, creating and realizing exciting opportunities."

In 2023, Bugatti will continue producing and delivering the remaining Chiron models. The hypercar maker will also allow customers to begin configuring their W16 Mistral and track-only Bolide hypercars, and in the 100th year of the 24 Hours of Le Mans, the marque will also celebrate its rich motorsport heritage.

After that, Bugatti will likely concentrate on its Chiron successor, which we expect to get our first look at in 2023.

Bugatti Bugatti Bugatti Bugatti

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