Bugatti Deliveried A Lot Of Chirons To Rich People This Year


Expect even more Chirons to hit the road in 2018.

Though it is strictly limited to 500 examples, the Bugatti Chiron does not seem to be having a hard time finding buyers. Bugatti is claiming it has delivered a total of 70 Chirons this year to customers throughout the world. “It is a tremendous success for the entire Bugatti team that we have already reached the target of 70 vehicles in the first full year of production of the Chiron, said outgoing Bugatti CEO Wolfgang Durheimer. “I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all our suppliers for their commitment and delivery compliance.”

Since the Chiron went on sale more than 300 units have been sold since production got underway in the fall of 2016. Remember, there’s a difference between buying a Chiron and actually taking delivery. There’s some time involved because, duh, this is not your typical car order. Bugatti further tells us that 43 percent of Chiron buyers are from Europe, 26 percent from North America, and 23 percent from the Middle East. The remaining 8 percent comes from the Asia-Pacific region. All Chirons are built at Bugatti’s headquarters in Molsheim, Alsace, France. Believe it or not, Chiron deliveries only got underway last March and 2018 will certainly be another busy year.

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Remember, Stephan Winkelmann will be taking the reigns as CEO in January, and this is a guy who knows how to manage and expand a supercar brand. It was under his stewardship at Lamborghini that the Urus received the production greenlight.