Bugatti Didn't Approve This Original Front End Design For The Chiron

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It was just a bit too wild.

We gotta hand it to Bugatti for not allowing any leaked images of the Chiron during its key design and development phases. Only towards the very end of that did our spy photographers manage to snap some a few shots. Ultimately, the Chiron debuted last March at Geneva to rave reviews. But one design element caught our attention when the sheet was lifted: the "eight eyes" look on the front end. We like it and all but Alex Goy, from Carfection and Roadshow, was recently invited to Bugatti for an exclusive behind the scenes tour of its design studio.

He was shown the original front end design submitted for the Chiron. It almost looks like a butterfly, but it's much more aggressive than what ended up in production. However, Bugatti's board of directors weren't fans of the styling and ordered something else cooked up. Goy describes the look as a "stylized Predator" but the board found it "a bit ugly." Other interesting bits that Goy found out about the Chiron was the fact that rearview cameras were originally planned, but were ditched for legal reasons. But let us know what you think about this early proposed front end styling. Should Bugatti have stuck with it (or something resembling it) or was it right to go with the somewhat more conventional eight eyes? Photo courtesy of

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