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Bugatti Divo Teaser Shows A Very Different Shape From The Chiron

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Looks racier than the Chiron, as promised.

Based though it may be on the same platform, Bugatti has been very careful not to refer to the forthcoming new Divo as a version of the Chiron. And while we'll have to wait a few more days to see it unveiled, this teaser image gives us a pretty good indication at the reason behind the separation.

Shown draped in a thin (and rather revealing) veil, this preview photo ostensibly shows the outline of the Divo's body. And as you can see for yourself, it looks like a Bugatti – but not exactly like a Chiron.

The Divo is a custom coachbuilt hypercar that Bugatti's set to unveil this week at Pebble Beach. It's set to encompass entirely unique bodywork, cloaking a vehicle emphatically focused more on the driver than the touring-oriented Chiron.

Sounds good to us, but we're trying not to like it too much – especially at this early stage. The factory in Molsheim will only build 40 examples, each carrying a sticker price of about €5 million, or nearly $6 million in equivalent US funds. And they've all likely been spoken for by now, even before it's presented to the public.

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Decidedly enigmatic and obscuring as this image is, it clearly shows an aggressive aero package, with a large rear wing and vertical stabilizer fin, like on the Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo concept that previewed the Chiron's debut. The signature C shape that dominates the Chiron's profile also appears to bottom out higher than on the existing hypercar, bridging to the rear wheel arch with an apparent winglet to further help channel airflow. The bright teal color of the veil also looks the same as the shade we've seen on previous teasers, and will likely coat the show car we're looking forward to seeing in Monterey.