Bugatti Galibier Will Break 1,000-Horsepower, 235mph


Bugatti's baller-status sedan is currently under development.

Bugatti's Galibier project has been beset by difficulties and redesigns over the past few years, however CEO Wolfgang Durheimer has reassured the guys over at Car and Driver that the new super-sedan is currently being pursued "with high energy." The Bugatti Galibier was first previewed in concept form at the French company's headquarters in Molshiem back in 2009. The concept was subsequently given its debut to the adoring public at the Frankfurt Auto Show later that year.

Since then, the concept has undergone significant redesigns and changes, as the company wants a perfect successor to the game-changing Veyron. According to Car and Driver's report, Durheimer has confirmed that the new production-spec Galibier sedan will definitely put out "over 1,000 horsepower" from its 8.0-liter W16 engine, much like its concept counterpart. The mag speculates that it could have an output of around a ridiculous 1,400hp, however with Durheimer also saying that the Galibier will be "faster than anything on the market" - which includes tuners - that figure might be feasible as the large sedan would have to top 235mph.

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The Galibier, rumored to enter production under the name "Royale," will not be a hybrid. In addition to Durheimer saying "Right now, the priority is sheer power, not a hybrid," then it appears the only thing holding up the super-sedan is its final design. VW stable-mate Italdesign-Giugiaro has been helping out with the design process, however the final version will still probably need to be given the green light by not only the Bugatti boss himself but also VW supervisory board head Ferdinand Piech and CEO Martin Winterkorn.