Bugatti Has A Secret New Hypercar In The Works

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And this one was in development before Rimac got its electrified fingers in the pie.

As the automotive industry looks to reduce emissions to keep global warming to a minimum, the hypercar race seems to be heating up. Newcomers such as Rimac (now part of the Bugatti-Rimac family) with its record-breaking Nevera and SSC North America with its blistering Tuatara keep pushing the boundaries of what we thought possible, but hypercar veteran Bugatti is still actively chasing the hypercar dream, and according to Mate Rimac, the brand is currently working on a new model. The Bugatti Bolide was recently announced as entering production, but according to a video posted by Manny Khoshbin from the recent Pebble Beach event at the Monterey Car Week, the 1,824 horsepower Bolide is already old news.

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The irony of this video is the fact that it focuses on another hypercar, the sold-out Hennessey Venom F5, but we're more interested in what Mr. Rimac had to say to Bugatti collector Manny Khoshbin. According to Rimac, the new Bugatti is all-new from the ground up and has been in development for over a year now. Rimac continues to say that the new project should make its public debut in about three years. As it was already in the works, it means it's unlikely to be an EV leaching off Rimac's expertise and could be another model powered by the infamous W16 combustion engine.

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What we do know is that there are a bunch of cool things expected to come from the hypercar dream team that is Bugatti-Rimac. In another recent interview, Rimac hinted at the possibility of a Bugatti hybrid. "With this brand, you can do so much. Maybe an SUV or long hood coupe or something absolutely insane that no one thinks about," said Rimac in an interview with Motortrend.

Whatever Bugatti-Rimac ends up doing, it is bound to be spectacular, as both brands tend to go big. Bugatti, for example, builds dream machines such as the Centodieci which costs close to $10 million. The Rimac Nevera, the world's quickest hypercar, costs a cool $2,400,000. It will be interesting to see if Bugatti-Rimac continues to chase top speed records, as main rival Koenigsegg earlier this month announced that it would be dropping out of the speed race to focus on advanced automotive tech.

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