Bugatti Has Already Sold Almost Half Of The 500 Chirons It's Making


It looks like the majority of the world's Chirons will live in the US.

We recently saw one of the first Bugatti Chirons in the wild casually hanging out in Cannes, France, like it was no big deal. We flipped over that video because so far we haven’t seen any examples of the automaker’s latest hypercar in the wild. Well that’s all set to change soon according to Car and Driver. Bugatti has sold 200 Chirons, with 500 set to be made in total. What’s more is that the automaker expects 30% of the car’s production run to be snatched up by buyers based in the US.

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For those who aren’t very good at math, 30% of 500 is 150. Of that 150 we have it on good authority that 10 of those, or 7% of the expected amount of US Chiron sales, will be in the San Francisco Bay Area. A local high-end car dealer has ordered 10 Chirons and of that it’s already sold eight. It looks like the tech business really does pay. Of course we always expected Bugatti to sell out of the Chiron. An asking price of $2.6 million is a lot but then again, that money buys you a lot of car. A total of 1,500 horsepower on tap and a top speed of 261 mph don’t come cheap after all. Holy crap, we don’t even want to think about how much the roadster and special edition versions will go for.

Bugatti lost money on the Veyron, with some sources saying the automaker ate as much as $6.24 million (yeah right) for each car sold. The company’s CEO, Wolfgang Durheimer, said at the Geneva Motor Show earlier in the year that, “The Chiron is going to make money.” Whether or not money will be made—and how much of it—off the normal Chirons or the special edition models remains to be seen. All we know is that selling out almost half of a car’s production run months after officially debuting it is a pretty damn good start.