Bugatti Isn't Done Building Combustion Engines

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Now that's what we call good news.

The Bugatti Chiron is a truly magnificent hypercar that offers the very best in terms of performance, luxury, and style. In its six years on the market, the French hypercar has achieved a great many things. These achievements have shone a light on the heart of the car, its astonishing 8.0-liter quad-turbo W16 engine.

But with the world making the switch to electrified products, one could not help but wonder if the Chiron would be replaced by an EV. Such fears were stimulated by the news last year that Bugatti and Croatian EV maker Rimac were joining forces, and when you consider that the latter brand's crowning jewel offers even better acceleration than the former's without any combustion, we were all ready to resign ourselves to a dull Bugatti. Thankfully, company CEO Mate Rimac has laid our fears to rest in a new video.


Last year at Monterey Car Week, Mr. Rimac was speaking with Bugatti aficionado Manny Khoshbin about Bugatti's next creation that, at the time, had been in development for over a year. That suggested that the W16 engine was already part of the Chiron's successor's plans, and this video from Rimac all but confirms it. Of course, Rimac did not say that the new Bugatti would be free of electrification, so there is still a chance that the combustion engine will live on but as part of a hybrid system. If that is the case, a smaller engine could easily be paired with an electric setup to produce even more power than the W16. But with all the money and development spent on this motor, we think that Bugatti will try to keep it alive just a little longer.

Whatever this new model turns out to be, and whatever Bugatti decides to name it, the marque's CEO has promised that we won't be disappointed with the results, saying that we will be "astonished" by the new hypercar. Nothing else would be suitable for a vehicle wearing Bugatti's storied badge. As the groundwork is laid for the next chapter in Bugatti's history, the Molsheim-based brand is working on getting new vehicles out to customers. This year, Bugatti plans to deliver "at least 80 vehicles," including the Chiron Super Sport and all 10 examples of the Centodieci. This will help build on the work done in 2021, during which Bugatti received 150 customer personalization requests and vehicle orders, with 60% of these buyers new to the brand. Expect that number to grow as a new era dawns and the Chiron reaches its twilight.

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