Bugatti Just Made A Difficult Decision About A New Model

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Don't hold your breath for a more affordable Bugatti.

Ever since Stephan Winkelmann took over as president of Bugatti in 2018, he's been on a mission to expand the ultra-exclusive hypercar brand's lineup, although at an appropriate pace. Since his arrival, the Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport, Super Sport 300+, and Bugatti Divo have all premiered. More recently, there's been talk of a potentially less expensive second model joining the lineup. However, that mystery new model is now officially delayed.

Automotive News Europe has learned that as part of a cash-saving effort brought on by the coronavirus pandemic, Bugatti's Volkswagen Group parent company is slashing its brands' budgets. The Group aims to make cash conservation its top priority until at least the end of this year.

"For the time being, we need to put this issue aside. Given the prevailing economic conditions, our utmost priority is on liquidity," said Winkelmann.

2018 Bugatti Divo Front View Bugatti
2018 Bugatti Divo Rear End Bugatti
2018 Bugatti Divo Rear View Bugatti
2018 Bugatti Divo Interior Driver Area Bugatti

The always very well-dressed executive further added even extremely wealthy Bugatti customers are tightening their belts to varying degrees because of the pandemic. They are simply less willing to spend money on a new hypercar during a global recession when a conclusion is impossible to predict.

As recently as last year, Winkelmann hinted that a potential second Bugatti model could be an electrified grand tourer or crossover with seating for up to four passengers. Instead of the Chiron's starting price of nearly $3 million, the new model would carry a somewhat more reasonable price range of $500,000 to $1 million.

Front View Driving Bugatti
Rear View Driving Bugatti
Interior Bugatti
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It's important to bear in mind this is only a delay; it doesn't mean a second "more affordable" and electric Bugatti won't happen at all. Meanwhile, Bugatti remains busy promoting the latest Chiron variants. We also just spotted a mysterious Bugatti prototype testing in Southern Europe sporting several performance-related elements taken from both the Pur Sport and Super Sport 300+.

Rumor has it Bugatti is prepping a new Chiron variant blending even higher performance and luxury. For now, Bugatti will stick with multi-million hypercars.

Front View Bugatti
Rear View Driving Bugatti
Front Seats Bugatti
Source Credits: Automotive News Europe

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2018 Bugatti Divo Interior Driver Area
2018 Bugatti Divo Front View
2018 Bugatti Divo Rear End
2018 Bugatti Divo Rear View
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