Bugatti Needs A Little Help To Add A Second Model


Does anyone want to volunteer to stop it from being an SUV?

Bugatti has considered adding a second model to its lineup since before the Veyron ended production. It was initially slated to be a W16-powered sedan based on the gorgeous Galibier Concept but the enormous popularity of SUVs has forced the carmaker in a new direction. Bugatti has denied claims it will add an SUV to its lineup but the rumor just won't die as Automotive News Europe now reports the company is seeking funding to add a second model to its range.

The company has reportedly sold out of the limited-edition Chiron Super Sport 300+, of which only 30 units will be built at $3.5 million each. Unlike that car, Bugatti's second model is expected to be a more practical four-seater according to company President Stephan Winkelmann.

In an interview, Winkelmann said this second Bugatti model could trade the race track for off-road driving, hinting that it would likely be an SUV. This is an interesting stance for the same man who recently said: "there will be no SUV from Bugatti." Even though Bugatti is owned by the Volkswagen Group, one of the largest and most profitable automakers in the world, the company is currently seeking what Winkelmann referred to as "sexy" financing to help build the new model.

We aren't sure exactly what "sexy" financing means but perhaps Winkelman is hoping the Kardashians want to buy a Bugatti SUV so badly, they will actually finance the project themselves. Bugatti's sister company Porsche used a German promissory note called a Schuldschein to finance the Taycan's development, so perhaps Winkelman is referring to some sort of government assistance.


The details of this second Bugatti model are scarce though Winkelmann did say it would compete in a lower price range than the Chiron - around the $1 million mark. It also won't go fully electric as Winkelmann says, "there is still a lot of time for internal combustion engines." Instead, the next Bugatti could go with a hybrid setup, likely with a monstrous engine under the hood. If you are a "sexy" individual with a large amount of money to invest, we suggest asking Bugatti to build the Galibier so we don't have to yawn at yet another super-fast SUV.


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