Only Six Workshops Globally Are Licensed To Service Bugattis

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The latest addition is located in London, United Kingdom.

Part of what makes a brand so special is the aftersales program that boosts customers' ownership experience. This is an area Bugatti recently worked on with the opening of a new service center in London - the unofficial supercar capital of the world - bringing the total to six globally.

The service team at Bugatti London was trained directly at the brand's headquarters in Molsheim, France. They have been equipped to competently service prestigious Bugatti hypercars such as the Chiron and Veyron series, as well as the classic EB110 and EB110 SS.

"The facility that Bugatti London has created is one of the most advanced aftersales sites, perfectly in line with our commitment to deliver the very best service experience for our customers," said Alexis Ploix, Bugatti's recently appointed director of aftersales and customer service.

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Bugatti London offers several services, including the 'Passeport Tranquillite' program, which provides up to four years of service and warranty. The 'Certified Pre-Owned' program also gives customers one service and a 12-month limited vehicle warranty.

Aside from service, the new outlet allows customers to personalize or refurbish their Veyron or Chiron models. The automaker recently showcased its skillsets through the custom W16 Mistral finished in gold, displayed at this year's Monterey Car Week alongside the Chiron Super Sport Golden Era.

Bugatti London joins other "Service Partners of Excellence" service centers around the world situated in Singapore, Dubai (UAE), Dusseldorf (Germany), Greenwich (Connecticut, USA), and Beverly Hills (California, USA).

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"Individually and as a collective global network, including within our expanded operations in London, we follow a mantra that recognizes the smallest detail within a Bugatti hyper sports car can have the biggest impact; there is nobody in the world that knows every single detail of a Bugatti hyper sports car better than our teams. This is a core focus point that we will never lose sight of."

Over at the design department, a leadership role has changedas Frank Heyl was assigned as the brand's new Director of Design, succeeding Achim Anscheidt, who worked with the brand for 19 years. Heyl is tasked to oversee the design of Bugatti hypercars, including the upcoming Chiron successor.

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