Bugatti Presents 3 Veyron Roadsters

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Every Veyron is a special snowflake. Bugatti rolled in to Geneva with three, each more unique than the last.

At this year's Geneva Motor Show, Bugatti has presented a trio of tricked-out roadsters that, like each and every one that has come before, demonstrate the customization options available on any new Veyron. First up is a Grand Sport done up in green as an homage to the classic Bugatti Royale. The thousand-horsepower targa-topped Veyron gets polished aluminum fenders, doors and mirror housings, while the rear end, hood, roof rails, front apron and more are finished in green-tinted carbon.

The wheels on the Grand Sport are finished with green trim as well, while the interior gets a matching green and silver motif that looks like a moneyed woodsman's wet dream. The first of two Vitesse roadsters has been finished in black carbon fiber, with blue brake calipers and polished aluminum grille and roof trim, and an interior done up in black and light brown with blue stitching and trim. The second Vitesse on display has a unique bronze tint to its carbon-fiber bodywork and an orange and dark brown interior with orange stitching.

While the Grand Sport gets the 1,000-horsepower version of the Veyron's signature 6.0-liter quad-turbo W-16 engine, the Vitesse packs the more powerful 1,200hp engine from the record-setting Super Sport coupe. Like what you see? They're available for purchase, each with a sticker hovering around 2 million euros, or about $2.6 million in American greenbacks: the evergreen Grand Sport is priced at 1.92 million euros, the carbon Vitesse at 2.02 million euros and the brown Vitesse at 1.95 million euros.

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