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Bugatti Royale To Be Revived As Ultra-Luxury Electric Limo?

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Don’t expect to see it before 2023.

We've known for a while now that Bugatti is planning to add a second model to its current lineup to sit alongside the Chiron. Rumors have suggested the new mystery model will be a four-door super sedan, but a new report by Car magazine claims Bugatti is planning to revive the Royale as an ultra-luxury limo.

The Royale was originally a large luxury car produced between 1927 and 1933. Only seven examples were built, and with a 169.3-inch wheelbase and 21-foot overall length, it was one of the largest cars ever made.

According to the publication, Bugatti intends to use a stretched version of Porsche's J1 platform, which will underpin the Taycan sedan. Yes, that means the reborn Bugatti Royale will be fully electric if the report is correct, which supports recent comments made by company CEO Stephan Winkelmann that Bugatti is plotting a more affordable EV with less emphasis on performance - although "affordable" to Bugatti still means nearly $1 million.

The e-Royale is not expected to debut before 2023, which should give Bugatti enough time to build solid-state battery cells. Three electric motors are expected to produce around 870 hp and power both axles for all-wheel-drive capability. Impressively, that's almost 300 hp more than the Taycan's predicted output.

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While the Taycan measures around 15 feet long, the Bugatti will reportedly be much longer to give it the prestige of the ultimate luxury car. Carbon fiber and other exotic metals will be extensively used in the construction to keep the weight down, despite the car's enormous size.

As you'd expect for a car with a reported asking price of €700,000 (around $794,000), the new Royale will be loaded with cutting-edge tech, including Level 4 full autonomy, a digital concierge service, and a fully personalized interior. It could even come with a range of body styles. But before the new Royale arrives, Bugatti will launch a few more variants of the Chiron including a convertible and a new Super Sport.