Bugatti’s CEO Is Extremely Confident In The New Chiron

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A little too confident, perhaps.

Bugatti’s hard at work on creating a suitable successor toits Veyron and Bugatti’s CEO Wolfgang Durheimer believes that the automaker’snext hypercar will be good—really, really good. In a recent interview with TopGear, Durheimer revealed some aspects of the vehicle and some concerns as well.“Everything is better,” stated Durheimer. “More power, higher top speed.Shorter acceleration. Cleaner design. More luxury. More of everything.” Bugatti isn’t just planning a proper successor,it’s aiming to build the best supercar in the world.

“It will be the best super-sports car on the planet,” statedDurheimer. The Veyron was, and still is, one of the fastest cars in the world,but one individual is giving the automaker a hard time for top speed supremacy.“One guy is giving us a hard time,” said Durheimer. “This Mr. Hennessey fromTexas.” It’s mind-boggling to know that Bugatti is feeling the pressure fromthe Hennessey Venom GT. Top Gear pointed out that the Veyron was a luxurious carthat could go extremely fast, while the Venom GT is a one-trick pony that canonly go fast. “I believe in the Olympic games, the 100m sprint,” statedDurhemier. “You need to win the numbers. And we need guys like [Hennessey] tomake the subject interesting.”

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It’s safe to say that the Chiron is going to be epic and faster than the Veyron. However, to keep up with the likes of the Venom GT, Bugatti willhave to aim for more than 270 mph—maybe even 280 mph. But there’s a littlething called physics that’s keeping Bugatti and Hennessey Performance from makingmassive jumps in top speed runs. One things for sure, there’s going to be amassive arms race for outright speed when the Chiron comes out.