Bugatti's Chrion Configurator Lets You See The Supercar In 8 Amazing Colors

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It's not a full-blown configurator but it's a start!

The Bugatti Chiron was one of the main stars at the Geneva Motor Show. But so far, the automaker has only shown the supercar in two colors, which include solid navy blue and a two-tone exterior with two lighter shades of blue. While we don't have anything against blue, we've been dying to see the supercar in different colors and Bugatti has heard our cries. The automaker put up a "configurator" that lets users see the Chiron in eight different colors and hear the supercar's raucous exhaust note.

It's a bare-bones configurator, but it does let us see what the supercar looks like in different colors and from different angles. Fans of the original Veyron will enjoy the color combinations, since the majority of colors are back from the previous supercar. Bugatti is known for offering customers an insane amount of customization and we expect it to be the same for the new Chiron. We think the all black Chiron looks menacing, but would most likely opt for the silver and blue one if it wasn't fitted with chrome wheels. From the looks of it, the Chiron looks good in every color, which shouldn't be surprising to anyone.


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