Bugatti's Latest Teaser Video For Its New Supercar Will Boil Your Blood

Enough of the damn poetic car commercials!

It’s dangerous to make blanket statements but we think we can speak for all gearheads when we say that we’re sick of automakers releasing teaser videos that don’t tease anything. Mercedes-AMG did it recently, teasing a new model with nothing but sounds, words and “stunning” shots of asphalt whipping by. Now Bugatti is doing the same, teasing its new supercar with a video filled with not much of anything. We recently saw a grainy photo of what could be the Chiron so it would have been nice to see something here.

Alas, that was not to be. On the bright side at least Bugatti is talking more and more about its upcoming supercar, which means that we should see more of it sooner than later.

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