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Bugatti's New Hypercar Looks Epic

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And there’s no questioning its design inspiration anymore.

It’s no secret that Bugatti is presenting a new hypercar at Pebble Beach this week. The automaker previously confirmed to us that it has something special planned, but this is the first time it has released an official teaser for the new model.

Rumors have repeatedly claimed the new hypercar will be heavily inspired by the Bugatti EB110 SS supercar built in the 1990s. Evidence supporting these rumors has been mounting, but now there is no doubt since the teaser video isn’t exactly subtle.

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The short 58-second long video shows archive footage of the EB110 road and race car before showing an animation of the Chiron being dismantled and remodeled, implying the new model will be a modern take on the EB110 based on the Chiron. The debut will be live-streamed by Bugatti on August 16th at 11:20 am Pacific Time.

"I will be happy to greet those members of the press present at The Quail – A Motorsports Gathering personally. For all others, I am available for any question there is, of course”, said Tim Bravo, Bugatti Head of Communications. "We are very excited about this new world premiere, and to set the mood ahead of it, we uploaded a short video onto our newsroom. See you on Friday!”

According to reports, only ten examples of Bugatti’s new hypercar will be built, each priced at 8 million euros – that’s around $9 million based on current exchange rates. Technical details are still being kept under wraps, but the new hypercar will most likely utilize the Chiron’s 8.0-liter, 16-cylinder quad-turbo.

In the Chiron, the W12 unit produces 1,479 horsepower, but the new hypercar could potentially pack even more power. The original EB110 SS, on the other hand, was powered by a 3.5-liter, quad-turbo V12 delivered 610 horsepower. Stay tuned for more details when Bugatti unveils its new hypercar on August 16.