Bugatti's New Supercar Won't Succeed the Veyron

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So don't expect it to beat the Veyron Super Sport's 267.856 mph world record top speed.

With less than sixty models left, you can be assured Bugatti is working hard on the Veyron's replacement. Note how the word "successor" hasn't been used. That's because Bugatti boss Dr. Wolfgang Schreiber believes "you cannot succeed the Veyron." It will be a "completely different" car and we know that it won't be a sedan either, with the French carmaker recently announcing the Galiber sedan has been officially nixed. A "Super" Veyron is also not an option.

Speaking with Drive, Dr. Shreiber admitted it would be akin to a super sports car, completely new, but hinted that it would not have the performance of the Veyron. It would, however, have "very special figures" that perhaps pertain to areas such as lap times and efficiency as opposed to top speed and raw performance. The new supercar is due out in two years, so don't be surprised to see the first spy shots appear in the next twelve months.

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