Bugatti's Next Project Could Be An Ultra-Luxury Limo?

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Then again, we've heard this one before.

When we spoke to Bugatti CEO Wolfgang Durheimer at Geneva last week, he clarified the brand wouldn't build another high-performance coupe alongside the Chiron. Fair enough. But when we asked about other potential Bugatti models, he simply smiled and said in his thick German-accented English, "we'll see." Apparently Bloomberg asked him the same and, this time, Durheimer couldn't help himself, stating that he "can't get the idea for a four-door limousine out of my head. It's one of the options we might look into again as a possible next project."

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By now many of you are thinking back to 2009's Galibier concept, a sedan constructed of handmade carbon fiber parts. Much of its styling was influenced by the old Type 35. Its power came from the Veyron's 16-cylinder, 8.0-liter engine, only with two-stage supercharging. As gorgeous as the Galibier was, Bugatti opted not to go through with a production version. Durheimer didn't elaborate any further regarding a new sedan/limo, but he did say that, despite not going with electric motors on the Chiron because of their extra weight, "doesn't mean we abandon this topic forever." Herr Durheimer, don't stop with the Chiron. Go and build the ultimate luxury high-performance sedan. Heck, add electric motors if it makes sense.

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