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Bugatti's Plans Are More Amazing Than You Can Imagine

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Here's the full scoop.

Bugatti CEO Stephan Winkelmann has already made his mark with the ultra-luxury hypercar marque. The Chiron Sport and Divo have his fingerprints all over them, taking a less traditional approach to styling and overall attitude than hs predecessor, Wolfgang Durheimer, did with the Veyron. Winkelmann has also gone on record saying Bugatti wants to expand its lineup beyond hypercars into a (somewhat) more practical realm. Does this mean a crossover? More than likely, and it’ll be way more amazing than you can imagine.

According to Automobile Magazine, an all-electric three-door crossover is seriously being considered, but big questions still remain. For starters, does Bugatti even have the necessary electric vehicle platform hardware? Not at the moment. Parent company Volkswagen Group is not at all opposed to the idea of developing such a platform, but it would need to make it far more cost-efficient.

The way to do that would be to allow Lamborghini and Porsche to utilize it for their own purposes. Put it like this: a 918 Spyder replacement and an all-electric Lamborghini. This platform would be flexible, meaning it could be shortened and lengthened as needed. Oh, and it could also potentially underpin the Chiron’s eventual successor.

The other route Bugatti is exploring is, in our opinion, even more interesting and it begins in Croatia. Who is based there? Rimac. Supposedly, Bugatti got in touch with Mate Rimac and crew via VW Group’s Porsche connection. If you recall, Porsche purchased a 10 percent stake in Rimac just over a year ago. Bugatti is supposedly interested in buying Rimac’s 1,850 horsepower rolling chassis, the very same one used for the C_Two all-electric hypercar. The batteries and control electronics would also be included in the sale.

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Question is whether or not Rimac is willing to sell. Bugatti reportedly plans to sell around 600 examples of its planned crossover with prices beginning at $850,000 to over $1 million depending on spec. Whatever materializes, Winkelmann is dead set on an all-electric three-door crossover with a still unknown launch date. The idea of a Rimac-based Bugatti crossover is very appealing, to say the least.