Bugatti's Second Model Won't Be Anything Like The Chiron

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Including what's under the hood.

Unless you count the Divo, which is essentially just a faster version of the Chiron, Bugatti only sells one model and has done since the days of the Veyron. But there have been countless rumors and theories about a second Bugatti model including a 1,000-horsepower crossover, an all-electric Royale limousine, and an "entry level," all-electric supercar in the $500,000 price range. None of the rumored models have panned out thus far but brand president Stephan Winkelmann has told Motor1 that Bugatti is finally ready to introduce a second model into its lineup.


Speaking in an exclusive interview during an event in Italy, Winkelmann said, "I think that we have the opportunity to do more [than one car]." Winkelmann didn't give any specifics about what this second model would be but did say the car would be fast and daily drivable, unlike the Chiron. "This could be, for example, a full-electric car," he said. Bugatti is not hesitant towards building an EV but knows it would have "to be the best [of its kind], that's for sure."

Winkelmann did give another valuable insight into what the second Bugatti model would be when he mentioned what body styles the company has looked into. "It's clear that when you think about the second [Bugatti] model you always have to see what [the body style could be]," Winkelmann said. "Believe me, we really looked into every detail of the body style and I think that there is one that is very promising for a company like Bugatti. [It's a body style] which is not on the market today."

A body style "which is not on the market today" could mean many things. It could be a shooting brake, four-door convertible, or something we haven't even thought of yet. Regardless of what the second Bugatti model turns out to be, we have no doubt wealthy customers will be lining up to buy one.

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