Bugatti Says It Won't Build A Chiron Roadster But We're Not Buying It

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They need to sell the 500 Chiron coupes first.

Bugatti was, without question, one of the biggest stars of the Geneva Motor Show last March when it launched the Veyron's long-awaited successor, the Chiron. We were on hand when the sheets were lifted at an invite-only event the night before the first press day and asked Bugatti chief Wolfgang Durheimer, among other things, whether or not a Chiron roadster, like the Veyron Grand Sport, would happen at some point. He refused to comment on future product, as is typically the case. But now Autocar is reporting that "no comment" is now just a full on "no."


But now that the Chiron's initial launch is complete and sales are underway, we're learning more about its future. Autocar recently attended the opening of Bugatti's only UK showroom in London and asked company marketing boss, Dr. Stefan Brungs, about that potential roadster. Nope, it's not happening, according to Brungs. Honestly, we don't believe him. Something similar was said regarding a potential open-top Veyron years ago and, well, the Grand Sport later debuted. According to Brungs, Bugatti is "looking at different options for the car" but, for the moment, finding owners for the 500 regular Chirons is priority. Well, that's obvious.

Why tell customers about any future model when there's the need to sell the current stock? It makes no sense. So when could a Chiron roadster debut? The Veyron Grand Sport was revealed in 2009, four years after the Veyron came out, so 2020 could be a good guess for a Chiron Grand Sport.

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