Bugatti Teases Track-Only Bolide Production Version

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When will that unveiling be? Probably this August.

Bugatti has teased the upcoming production version of its quad-turbocharged W16-powered, track-only Bolide hypercar ahead of the reveal event we expect to happen later this year. Two teaser images have just been released on the automaker's official Facebook page, one showing the X-shaped headlight design and a second of the fender vents over the front wheel. As you can clearly see, the body panels are made from lightweight carbon fiber and there are Michelin Pilot Sport tires.

"Since August 2021, when Bugatti confirmed at The Quail, A Motorsports Gathering, its plans to commence series production of the Bolide, intense development has been taking place," the post states.

Although a specific debut date was not provided, it would make sense for that to happen at this year's Pebble Beach show at the Quail golf club in August.


Chances are the production-spec Bolide will closely resemble the concept, which is not a bad thing. Not surprisingly, all 40 planned examples are already sold out at a price of 4 million euros each, which is around $4.38 million at current exchange rates. The manic-sounding W16 engine, in concept form, produces 1,850 horsepower and 1,180 lb-ft of torque from 2,250 rpm, which requires 110-octane racing fuel. However, Bugatti is reducing output to a still insane 1,577 hp in order to allow the use of regular pump gasoline. Total curb weight will be around 3,196 pounds, which is exceptionally light considering the Bolide's capabilities. For some context, the current Mazda MX-5 Miata weighs 2,332 pounds.

Not just anyone will have the skills to drive it, and Bugatti shows it's keenly aware of this by fitting it with must-have racing car safety features like an automatic fire extinguishing system, pressure refueling with a fuel bladder, central wheel locking, and a six-point safety belt system.

Front View Bugatti
Rear Angle View Bugatti
Front View Driving Bugatti

It's fair to assume the production Bolide will have some additional updates inside and out, but won't look dramatically different from the concept. Top speed? Well, that'll be interesting because Bugatti claims the concept can go up to 310 mph (not a typo). That's faster than the Chiron Super Sport 300+. The question is whether or not this will change. We certainly hope not.

Bugatti previously confirmed customer deliveries went begin until 2024, citing a three-year development time. That time frame would make an August 2023 debut feasible. Bolide owners will surely be treated to a long list of perks, such as exclusive track day events and individual driving instruction with pro drivers. Whatever Bugatti has in store will absolutely be worth the wait for those customers.

Central Control Panel Bugatti
Frontal Aspect Bugatti
Rear View Bugatti
Front View Bugatti

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