Bugatti Tests Chiron Super Sport 300+ And Centodieci At The Nurburgring

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It's the perfect place to test hypercars.

Where do high-end performance car manufacturers go to test their cars for durability, speed, and handling? If you've got a single strand of petrol DNA in your blood, you'll know that the answer is, and will always be the Nurburgring. Exclusive French car manufacturer Bugatti is no stranger to this demanding track and hasrecently been spotted testing the gorgeous, and seriously quick Centodieci hypercar. Further footage has revealed the car doing over 200 mph on the same track. Bugatti has now revealed its reasoning and methodology behind challenging its cars around the Green Hell.

Bugatti runs one of the most exclusive fleets in the world, which includes the Divo, Chiron Pur Sport, and the hardcore Chiron Super Sport 300+. The total value of the Bugatti lineup is almost 20 million euros. A large chunk of that cost has to do with the extensive development of these cars on track. "We want to achieve the best possible chassis setup for our customers, so we perform test-drives under extreme conditions as well as in day-to-day situations," says Lars Fischer, Head of Chassis Testing and Setup at Bugatti. On a recent outing to the Nurburgring, Bugatti put the Centodieci and Chiron Super Sport 300+ through their paces.

According to Bugatti, the development engineers take the handling characteristics from the current Divo and Chiron Sport to benchmark new models such as the Centodieci. The Chiron Super Sport 300+ for example is tuned for longitudinal dynamics and has a longer tail to handle speeds of up to 275 mph, but also has to be able to handle the tighter stuff.

"The Chiron Super Sport 300+ naturally has to likewise deliver a very high-performance drive on narrow tracks," explains Jachin Schwalbe. Once track testing is done, the cars are taken on ordinary public roads to further optimize the handling characteristics and driving behavior. With 33 left-hand, and 40 right-hand bends, and a total length of nearly 21 kilometers, the Nurburgring is the perfect playground for the world's most exotic hypercars and is a big reason why these big Bugattis drive so well.

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