Bugatti To Develop Luxury Sedan Based on Audi A8

According to a report from German magazine Der Spiegel, Bugatti is planning to develop a new uber luxury sedan for 2014 that's based on the Audi A8. This report also claims that the VW Group board has effectively decided to end production of the Veyron by 2014 in order to focus on the new sedan. So what's the reason behind terminating production of the world's fastest street legal supercar in order to clear the way for a luxury sedan?

Simple. Bugatti is not turning a profit for VW and is currently the lowest volume seller for the automotive giant. Well, duh. What do you expect when your only model is a million dollar plus supercar. The new sedan may take design inspiration from the 16C Galibier concept that was unveiled in 2009. The concept was a super luxurious, all-wheel drive sedan powered by an 8.0 liter, 16-cylinder engine, which also powers the Veyron. However, it will be configured to produce an output of around 790 hp and the Veyron's 1,000 hp. Photos displayed are of the 2009 Bugatti Galibier Concept

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