Bugatti Veyron Creates Epic Crash Picture On Andes Mountains

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This is the most beautiful crash picture we've ever seen.

If you're going to crash a Bugatti Veyron, make sure to do it in style. The Bugatti Grand Tour is currently taking place with Veyron and Chiron owners travelling across Argentina and Chile in their multi-million-dollar rides. Things haven't gone quite to plan for the dozen Bugatti-driving billionaires, however. As you can see from these images courtesy of Rodrigo Munoz, one of the lucky participants of the tour took a tumble en route to Mendoza, Argentina. And the result is, well, beautiful.

According to CarBuzz tipster, Grant Kirkland, the $2.7-million Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse approached a corner too fast (as you would), went off the road and landed on the Andes Mountains. The driver blamed the incident on an oil spill. But who cares? Just look at that backdrop! If there's a more beautiful crash picture, we've never seen it. Any damage to a Bugatti is going to be horrifically expensive to repair. From the images provided we can see that both the front and rear diffusers sustained a beating and the exhaust has been bent out of shape. No permanent damage, and no reports of injuries to passengers, but a repair bill that could easily be in the five figures.

Enjoy the rest of the tour guys, and drive safely. We hate to see a Bugatti in such a horrible state. If you're in the area, then the tour, which started last week, is set to conclude on Sunday, October 22, at the Hotel Alto Atacama, Chile, after passing through Salta, Jujuy and Salinas Grandes in Argentina.

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