Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport 1200 Horses a No Go

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Bugatti CEO Wolfgang Durheimer stated that the Veyron Grand Sport roadster will not be able to produce 1,200hp.

What could be more expensive or more insane than driving in a Bugatti Veyron? How about the thought of a Veyron convertible with 1,200 hp? Unfortunately, you will have to hold on to that thought because the exotic French automaker said it is not possible to build a supercar that fast. Under the hood, the Veyron Super Sport delivers a ridiculous performance of 1,200hp and 1,106 lb-ft of torque compared to the "slower" 1,001hp and 922 lb-ft in the Veyron Grand Sport.

According to an interview with Dutch magazine Autovisie, the CEO of Bugatti and Bentley, Wolfgang Durheimer said it is not possible to integrate the Super Sport package into the Veyron Grand Sport. The body of the Veyron Super Sport has been fine-tuned to improve aerodynamic efficiency. Despite the Grand Sport having extensive reinforcements to compensate for the lack of a standard roof, its structural rigidity is not enough to handle the massive power generated by the engine of the Super Sport. There are also aerodynamic difficulties concerning the airflow towards the W16 engine when the rooftops have been removed.

Production of the Veyron Grand Sport was limited to just 150 units, yet only 40 have been sold. Durheimer believes that selling the remainder 110 will not be difficult. He also thinks the cars will be sold well in advance before the luxury sedan Galibier enters production sometime in 2013. Durheimer also said that "1,200hp is too much, but more than 1,001 is absolutely possible." On a more interesting note, there was an order from a customer in the Middle East who ordered not one, but eight Veyron's; two for himself and six for his very lucky friends. The client gives new meaning to the letters BFF.

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