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Bugatti Veyron Legend 'Jean Bugatti' Debuts

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Vitesse-based special edition is a black carbon fiber and platinum masterpiece.

Bugatti has unveiled the second of its intended six Bugatti Legends at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Based on the Grand Sport Vitesse, the 'Jean Bugatti' pays tribute to the oldest son of Ettore Bugatti, best known for creating the Type 57SC Atlantic, regarded as one of the most beautiful cars ever made and ranks as one of the most expensive in the world. The latest Bugatti Legend is inspired by his personal Atlantic La Voiture Noire ('The Black Car'), lost since WWII.

It features a body made of jet black clear-coated carbon fiber, and for the first time platinum has been used, adorning the Bugatti horseshoe on the front grille and EB logo on the rear. Black diamond-cut rims and the signature of Jean Bugatti lasered on the petrol and oil cap rounds off the special exterior treatments. The Atlantic's beige and brown tones dominate the leather interior that boasts a hand-stitched silhouette of a Type 57SC, rosewood gear shifter, and platinum EB logo on the steering wheel. Like the 'Jean-Pierre Wimille' Legend, the 'Jean Bugatti' is limited to three models, priced at 2.28 million Euros a piece.

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