Bugatti Veyron on ADV.1 Wheels

For the very first time, Veyron drivers have a viable forged alloy alternative.

A project two years in the making, ADV.1Wheels has just unveiled its unique alloys designed specifically for theBugatti Veyron. Based on the ADV6.0 Track Spec SL, the wheels are said to bethe only specifically-engineered forged-wheel alternative for the French supercar,with their design centered on the Veyron’s unique characteristics. The OEM(original equipment manufacturer) outer diameter has been maintained, measuringwithin one percent of the tire combination to ensure performance and handlingaren’t compromised when running on Z-Rated tires.

In short, the new wheels won’t mean having to fork out on a new set of $40,000 tires every couple of months. Unless of course you decide to travel at its 256 mph top speed in which case they’ll be burnt up in about 15 minutes. (FYI: With the exception of VW's private test track, there’s no other place on earth you can go that fast for that long anyway, so it's not something to worry about). The wheels are finished in "Veyron Stainless" to perfectly match the gas cap. Pricing has yet to be announced.

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