Bugatti Veyron Replacement Parts Are More Expensive Than You Thought

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One example: the three-piece intake manifold costs $10,000.

In case you're thinking about it, budgeting for a Bugatti Veyron should include the hypercar's insanely high maintenance costs. For example, a replacement Veyron interior recently appeared on eBay for $150,000. But how much do other replacement parts cost?

The folks over at Road and Track did some research and, thanks to an uncovered EPA certification application, discovered just how much some of these Veyron parts and labor cost. The list consists of mostly bespoke parts, which isn't at all surprising.

If, for example, your Veyron requires a new intake manifold that'll cost you up to $10,000.T he component actually consists of three pieces, with the two upper portions costing $4k a pop. The lower intake manifold will set you back two grand. The labor to replace it alone is another $1,800. As we all know, the Veyron is powered by quad-turbocharged W16 engine. Each of those turbos costs $6,400 to replace. The labor? Another $9,000 per pair. That's over $21,000 per side in total costs. Those turbos feed air to a pair of charge coolers, each costing $9,000, plus $2,000 in labor per cooler.

But without a doubt, the most expensive Veyron replacement component is the fuel tank. The EPA list states it costs $20,000 just for the part itself, plus another $22,000 in labor. Oh, but don't worry, fuel pumps are "just" $3,400 for the pair.

Still hoping there are some reasonably priced parts here? Well, there are a few. The throttle body is $300 and the secondary air pump is apparently exactly the same as the one used in the old Audi A3. Price: Just over $350. On the bright side, a camshaft position sensor will set you back only $9. It's the same one used in the Mark IV Jetta and Golf.

You can read more details over at Road and Track if you feel so inclined. Anyone still craving that Veyron now?

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