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Bugatti Veyron Rims on eBay for a Cool $30k

And at that price, its an absolute bargain.

Everyone knows the outrageous cost of the Bugatti Veyron. Depending on which version a potential owner may spring for, the purchase cost can be well over $2,000,000, with the individual parts being shockingly expensive. Not only that, but once you buy the car, you are required by contract to perform annual maintenance at a cost of $20,000, and to take a detailing service which comes in at right around $10,000.

Which brings us nicely to these wheels and tires. $30k for the set may sound outrageous, but in fact, its about a third of the price were you to try to order them new from the factory, which you can only if you're a Veyron owner. New, the wheels come in at just under $70,000, but what about the tires? Some spirited driving will for sure run them down in no time with 1,000 hp on tap. A set of those specially designed Michelin's will knock you back $17,000. Yes, $17k for rubber. That being said, check them out on eBay. This could literally be your one and only chance to own a set of these. Just make sure you buy some wheel locks.

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