Bugatti Veyron SuperSport Makes its Nurburgring Debut

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It's been six years since the Veyron made an appearance at the 'Ring.

Bugatti hasn't been to the 'Ring for an age, but for some reason has decided that now is the time to post a Nurburgring laptime for the Veyron Super Sport.

Just this morning the car was spied by locals acquainting itself with the Nordschliefe, and apparently its getting faster by the minute. Six years ago the standard Veyron posted an unofficial time of 7m40s. With 183hp extra at its disposal and the capacity to sprint to a top speed of 258mph, the new Super Sport is expected to shave a fair few seconds off that time, although it won't be eating into the times set by the likes of the Nissan GTR or Dodge Viper ACR. The 1888kg, 1183hp monster just wasn't built for twisty racetracks. That said, we can't wait to see how it fares.

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