Bugatti Veyron Vs. Hyperbike Crotch Rocket: Who Wins This Half-Mile Drag Race?

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Talk about a weight difference.

There are few cars in the world that can match the Bugatti Veyron in nearly every category. OK, so we've seen a few races in the past where the Veyron goes up against other extreme hypercars, but we always wondered if there was something else out there that has the ability to, well, beat the Veyron. Could this 300 hp supercharged Kawasaki H2R hyperbike actually beat the 1,200 hp Bugatti in a half-mile drag race on an empty airstrip?

The guys over at Super Street managed to get their hands on the race-only liquid-cooled Kawasaki H2R hyperbike powered by a supercharged inline-four with 300 hp. Total curb weight: 476 lbs. Yes, this is the fastest production hyperbike ever built. Photos courtesy of Super Street Online.

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