Bugatti's New CEO Is Considering A Bugatti SUV

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And it's not the only new Bugatti body style we could soon be seeing.

Last month, Bugatti Rimac LLC was officially confirmed as a new hypercar company, with a majority stake going to Rimac Group. Mate Rimac, the founder of Rimac Automobili, said at the time that "this new venture takes things to a completely new level," hinting that we could expect some exciting things from a newly positioned Bugatti brand in the near future. He has now expanded on what Bugatti's future holds and we're talking about an even greater shake-up than the arrival of the first fully electric Bugatti model. Mate Rimac has hinted at all-new body styles for the car brand perhaps most closely associated with sheer speed than any other.


"With this brand, you can do so much," said Rimac in an interview with Motor Trend. "Maybe an SUV or long hood coupe or something absolutely insane that no one thinks about." He also said that he "might do something crazy," a statement that is perhaps little surprise coming from the guy at the helm of a company that is bringing us the mind-blowing Nevera. This hypercar's four electric motors generate nearly 2,000 horsepower combined. But the Nevera, just like every current Bugatti, is a two-seater with a stunning yet impractical supercar body. A Bugatti SUV would be a gamechanger for the brand. If it costs anything as much as a Chiron, it'll be the most expensive SUV in the world.

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2016-2019 Bugatti Chiron Coupe Front View Bugatti
2016-2019 Bugatti Chiron Coupe Rear View Driving Bugatti

Currently, the Rolls-Royce Cullinan SUV starts at over $300,000, but that's only around 10 percent of the cost of a Chiron. Before a Bugatti SUV or long-hood coupe arrives, we'll first see a successor to the Chiron. The W16 engine that has been the bedrock of the Chiron lineup for so many years won't be around forever, and Mate Rimac likes the idea of developing multiple electrified Bugattis in the future. That being said, the W16 engine will soon find a new home in the track-ready Bolide that will begin reaching customers in 2024.

As for Rimac, it'll remain a low-volume brand with no more than 100 cars to be built annually. Between the two brands and Mate Rimac's fresh ideas, we should be seeing some unexpected hypercars in the years to come.

2016-2019 Bugatti Chiron Coupe Dashboard Bugatti
2016-2019 Bugatti Chiron Coupe Front Seats Bugatti
2016-2019 Bugatti Chiron Coupe Badge Bugatti
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