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Cars inspired by insects? Why not.

Cars designed after animals have been popular for quite some time, but it is the insect kingdom that may soon rule the roads of the future. A bulldozer designed after an ant or a city-car designed to mimics a grasshopper may not sound awesome to those who didn't spend their childhood collecting and cataloging bugs. These buggy concept cars are definitely worth checking out though; even if you were the kid who burned ants with a magnifying glass.

The Insecta concept car is a grasshopper-inspired EV. Taiwanese designer Shao Yung Yeh's concept seats one and features a fully transparent exterior. The Insecta is described by its designer as agile, lightweight and green, just like the noble grasshopper.

Mohammad Ghezel's insect-inspired bus concept seems to share more in common with the title character of the film "Aliens" than with any actual insect. The bus is powered by eight in-wheel electric engines and rooftop solar panels. Bugginess comes in the form of two butterfly doors.

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The Marauder Dozer is not a vehicle meant for public consumption per se, but it had to be included on this list just for the sheer shock value. Designer Jon Poper created the Marauder Dozer in the image of the African Marauder Ant. This insectified piece of heavy equipment is designed to assist emergency personnel in clearing debris after disasters.

America's highways would be less smoggy if Alex Marzo's Volvo Ants concept carried the country's cargo. The Volvo Ants concept is an ant-inspired (obviously) big rig powered solely by electricity. The rig would be capable of carrying different loads to make its time on the road as efficient as possible.

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