Buick Avenir Concept Must Enter Production Without Any Changes


(Accept maybe the interior color).

Buick wants to build a new flagship sedan and the Avenir Concept is proof. It came to Detroit completely out of leftfield, but the most pleasantly surprising aspect of the concept is that it points to a future where Buicks will no longer be rebadged Opels. The concept's creation emerged from GM's Australian design studio, whose team of designers looked back to iconic, landmark models in order to forge a new way forward for the marque. And judging by this gorgeous thing, the future looks good.

The striking design of the Avenir – meaning "portending the future" – combining a coupe upper with a boattail decklid, is an obvious nod to the third-gen Riviera, yet it clearly forecasts where Buick's design language is going. The concept's sculptural surfacing, expressive proportions, sweep-spear body side, long hood, and wheels placed out at the corners, all work together in creating a truly dynamic stance. Reminiscent of Buicks of old, one could argue. The question remains: Will Buick build it? It would be a crime if it didn't.

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