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Buick Could Be Why The New Chevrolet Blazer Doesn’t Have Three-Rows

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Does this mean a new Buick crossover is on its way?

The reborn Chevrolet Blazer is and will remain a two-row crossover, at least for the foreseeable future. If you want a three-row Chevy crossover, the Traverse is waiting for you. But there was some speculation last month surrounding a mystery crossover covered in camouflage driving around the Detroit area. Although it was quickly identified as a GM crossover with three rows, some thought it could possibly be a stretched Blazer. It isn't.

According to GM Authority, an IHS Automotive document reveals this new crossover won't even be a Chevrolet at all, but rather a Buick. Built on the same C1 platform as the Blazer, Cadillac XT5 and GMC Acadia, this new Buick will actually be the first vehicle in its lineup to utilize this platform.

A long-wheelbase version of C1 also underpins the Chevy Traverse, Buick Enclave and the upcoming Cadillac XT6, but as of now, no Buick rides on the shortened C1 setup. This so far unnamed SUV (chances are it'll begin with the letter 'E') will be slotted in between the Envision and Enclave. The same IHS document further claims production will kick off sometime in 2020 at the Cadillac production plant in China. But really, how badly does Buick need yet another crossover considering it already has three?

Well, the answer may have to do with China. You see, the largest crossover Buick sells over there (Buicks are wildly popular in China) is the Envision because the Enclave is too large for China.

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Does this mean the crossover will be for China only and it's only merely the in Michigan? Possible, but not guaranteed. Another explanation is that Buick could create an Enclave "family," so to speak. The mystery crossover in question would be sold as the Enclave in China, and in North America as, say, the Enclave Sport, allowing for Buick to offer a second three-row crossover.

Regardless of naming, another Buick crossover is on the way for either China, North America, or both. What it'll be called and when it'll debut remains unknown for now.