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Buick Enspire Electric SUV Concept To Debut In Beijing

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Buick will be lifting the wraps off its new all-electric SUV concept next week on April 17.

With the New York Auto Show now a distant memory, Beijing is the next venue on the annual show calendar. The Beijing Auto Show will open its doors later this month, and already automakers are teasing new models and concepts we can expect to see at the event. Ahead of the show, Buick has teased a mysterious new concept. Called the Enspire, the American automaker has confirmed the concept will be an all-electric concept SUV. No surprises there, then.

Buick has released a teaser image of the concept revealing the tailgate with a raked rear windshield and sleek taillights, but technical specifications have yet to be revealed. Buick describes the Enspire as "an exploration of design and new technologies" that "leverages GM's global resources" as an "application of future electric smart mobility." No other information has been released at this point, but we won't have to wait too long to find out more. Buick will be lifting the wraps off the Enspire concept at a dedicated Buick Brand Night event on April 17th in Wuzhen, Zhejiang, before showcasing the all-electric SUV concept at Auto China 2018, better known as the Beijing Auto Show, later this month.

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It's not clear if the Enspire concept will spawn a production version in the US, but it will most likely go on sale in China first. Why? Because Buick sells more vehicles in China than anywhere else in the world. Case in point: out of the 1.4 million vehicles Buick shipped last year, a staggering 1.2 million were sold in China alone. In contrast, Buick sold less than 220,000 vehicles in its US homeland. There is still hope the Enspire could make it Stateside, however. After all, the Envision crossover is built in China but was eventually brought over to the US in 2016. Buick also currently offers the compact Encore and the full-size Enclave in the US, so the Enspire could potentially slot neatly in between them.